Nurit Terminals

Nurit Terminals excell with true flexibility and power to handle the day to day load of transactions no matter what type of business you have.


8400 From Nurit

  • Back-lit 32-character LCD display
  • PCI PED Approved for debit and other PIN-based transactions
  • Full alphanumeric entry capability
  • Dual track 1 and 2 card reader
  • Powerful 32-bit Motorola microprocessor
  • Six months minimum data retention

  • 2085

    Nurit 2085

  • Highly reliable 32-key ergonomically designed keypad
  • User-friendly menu-driven system
  • Powerful 32-bit Motorola microprocessor
  • Easily accessible rear peripheral ports processing
  • Back-lit 32-character LCD display

  • 8020 GPRS

    Nurit 8020 GPRS

  • Built-in, internal PIN pad
  • HW/SW support for GSM, GPRS, Mobitex, CDPC, DataTac & CDMA
  • Built-in radio modem
  • Quiet, graphical thermal printer
  • Includes power-on/power-low indicators
  • Bi-directional, dual track magnetic card reader