PCI Compliance :  Stopping cyber crime and identity theft.

What Every Merchant Needs to Know About Consumer Data Security

Your customers want assurance that their credit card account information is safe. But offering your customers a safe and secure way to pay is more than just a good business practice it's a requirement. Every merchant who touches credit card account information is responsible for safeguarding that information and can be held liable for security compromises if they have not taken the required precautions.



To help merchants understand and adhere to their security regulations, Visa and MasterCard have aligned the compliance levels and validation requirements of their cardholder data security programs (CISP and SDP), creating the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard. The program is intended to protect cardholder data - wherever it resides - ensuring that banks, merchants and service providers maintain the highest information security levels.

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Tuning into the information that will keep you and your clients safe

In an effort to increase the awareness and broaden adoption of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), MSI, our member bank and MasterCard would like to introduce you to the PCI Merchant Education Program.  This program has been sponsored by MasterCard and is available to all merchants.

This new program offers complimentary education and training materials for merchants to better their understanding of PCI DDS through interactive web-based sessions. There are eight web-based modules featuring advice from MasterCard and other industry experts that are now available for viewing at www.webcasts.com/mastercardpci.

The Webinar modules include:

1.      An Introduction to the PCI Security Standards Council

2.      A Detailed Look at PCI DDS Requirements

3.      A Merchantís Journey Towards Compliance

4.      Understanding Account Data Compromise

5.      Preparing for a Successful PCI Assessment, Lessons from the Field

6.      Reducing Your Risk: A Look into PCI Vulnerability Scanning

7.      Security and the Payments System

8.      Compliance Validation & Beyond


Please review the following websites which provide further information on PCI DSS:

 The PCI Securities Council at www.pcisecuritystandards.org

MasterCard www.mastercard.com/us/sdp/merchants/index.html

Visa www.usa.visa.com/merchants/risk_management/cisp.html?ep=v_sym_cisp