Vital Security Information
For Your Business


The last two decades have brought about drastic change in the way merchants need to do business in order to stay competitive. A large number of your customers now use credit cards as a major form of payment. These changes are not without their challenges. Since January 2005, approximately 234 million records have been breached from retailers according to Privacy Rights Clearinghouse ( It is now the retailers’ responsibility to protect the card holder data from theft. Consider this process a cost of doing businesses that you cannot do without. Your customers will expect that your business is applying every means necessary to keep their information safe.

Where are you vulnerable?

Point of Sale Systems
Personal Computer Systems
Consumer Facing Internet Stores
Wireless Hot Spots
The Transmitting of Data to Service Providers

If your business experiences a breach of cardholder data, fines can equal tens of thousands of dollars.

MSI is here to help you to drastically reduce your risks.