How Do I Become Compliant?


Becoming compliant is made easy with the MSI PCI Protection Plus Program. The PCI Security Committee classifies merchant levels according to their risks. Each classification will have different steps. Most merchants will fall into one of two categories.

Merchants Who Process Cards Through A Dial Up Terminal

For the majority of merchants who fall into this category, compliance is as easy as filling out the Self Assessment Questionnaire.

Merchants Who Process Cards Through A Website
(Payment Gateway)

For these merchants, the process includes the Self Assessment Questionnaire and also a quarterly scan of their internet site is required.


When Should I Become Compliant?


The Sooner The Better.

Donít allow large fines to put you out of business. Become compliant and protect your business and your customers. Our team of experienced customer service professionals and our PCI compliance team is available to help you through this process.

1) You can login to your online account and fill in the online forms. Click here . . .


2) You can Download the PCI DSS Printable forms and send them to us via mail or fax.