Merchant Accounts and Sales Offices Increase in 2010


April 4, 2011-New Providence, NJ- MSI Merchant Services, Inc. (MSI) a national merchant acquirer is proud to announce it processes approximately 110,000 merchant accounts, essentially a 10% increase from 2009. As reported in the March 2011 Nilson Report, MSI maintains a 29th position as a national acquirer. International banking institutions are among the other top 30 ranked acquirers, thereby distinguishing MSI's position.


Merchants requiring immediacy, accuracy, and precision in their services find they are only confident and satisfied with MSI. With an inordinate amount of businesses closing and processors experiencing attrition as high as 25%, MSI continues to attract merchants in record numbers. Approximately 10,000 new merchants boarded the MSI platform in 2010.


Largely the result of its response to its independent sales offices ( ISO's ), MSI also witnessed a surge in its number of ISO's for the year. Responding to its sales offices, MSI now selectively processes for accounts considered High Risk. Offering extraordinary bonuses, an unusual number of retired ISO's resumed MSI sales in 2010. Reliable secured residuals coupled with customized payment schedules and the lucrative bonuses, lure ISO's from other processors. MSI paid approximately 400 ISO's over 40 million dollars in residuals, and in addition, awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars in bonuses in the year 2010.


MSI's commitment to upholding the standards in the industry and its commitment to the changing needs of both its ISO's and merchants, define MSI as a leading authority in the processing industry. MSI's dynamics are reflected in the ownership partners, George Mayo and Mario Parisi. Although seasoned processors, the partners remain an innovating force in the industry.


Established over 20 years ago, MSI, possessing its own BIN relationship with the First National Bank of Omaha, was among the first processors to offer secure PCI Compliant Processing. Enhancing marketability for its ISO's and convenience for its merchants, MSI continually offers advanced technological processing. The capacity for mobile processing is currently available along with a vast array of terminals for more traditional processing. Moreover, it offers live website access to both its ISO's and its merchants. Always contemporary, MSI presently utilizes the social network and the smart phone to effectively communicate with its account holders and to promote its services.


Yes, experience and innovation is the very essence of MSI.


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