MSI Ranked 29 Nationally Among the Top US Acquirers


New Providence, NJ - May 3, 2010- MSI Merchant Services, Inc., a premier national merchant acquirer, proudly announces its new Nilson Report Ranking of 29 among Top US Acquirers for the year 2009. MSI elevated its 2008 presence of 31 to 29 in the 2009  listing of the top 97 national acquirers. The ranking was based upon the volume of general purpose transactions, generated by PIN-and signature-based debit cards and by the credit cards of Visa, MasterCard, American express, Discover, Diners, and JCB. 2009 also witnessed MSI clearly out perform two of its fiercest competitors in the payment card industry.


This elevation in position came as no surprise to MSI. When other national processors were closing their doors in 2009, MSI announced a 16% increase in total bankcard processing, with an 18% increase in both Visa/MasterCard transactions. Despite the sluggish national retail market, MSI increased its active merchant outlets by 22.94% in 2009, from 78,254 merchants in 2008 to 96, 213 merchants in 2009. More sales representatives were attracted to the security of MSI in 2009, and MSI paid a record breaking 37 million dollars in residuals to its ISO’s. With a twenty year history of solid performance and an established BIN relationship with the First National Bank of Omaha, MSI’s continued success is a result of its continued commitment to its independent sales offices. 


MSI has endured, evolved and expanded as an institution for the last twenty years. Yet, it has always remained faithful to its founding principles of creating and maintaining successful long term relationships. MSI always cognizant of the fact its sales representatives are its driving force, continually tailors it business to meet their needs. It is this strategy coupled with a dedicated, integrated team possessing an astute understanding of its market that has continually defined MSI as a leading merchant acquirer in the United States.


“Superior sales support along with generous residual programs and customized interchange programs for our sales representatives can only guarantee substantial growth,” according to Mario Parisi, an owner and Director of Operations for MSI.  “My partner, George Mayo and I, always try to anticipate and then meet the needs of our independent entrepreneurs. We aim to keep our ISO’s on the leading edge of transaction technology and industry trends, affording them every available opportunity to succeed. ”     


MSI Merchant Services, Inc. founded in 1989 with corporate offices in New Providence, NJ provides a full spectrum of merchant services to retail and wholesale businesses, professional services, mail order merchants, and e-commerce businesses. Merchant services programs include credit and debit card processing, mobile iPhone processing, gift and loyalty cards, Check Guarantee, and its own private gateway. MSI now deploys its payment products, services, and acceptance strategies close to 100,000 merchants.


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