MSI Responds to the Challenging Market


October 17, 2011- New Providence NJ- MSI Merchant Services, Inc. (MSI), a national card processor, offers next-day funding to merchants without any additional fees. Merchants can now expect funding for MasterCard, Visa, and Discover transactions by the next business day, rather than within 48-72 hours, as is customary for other processors. All MSI Merchants may qualify. MSI long-term Merchants will attain next-day funding, immediately upon request.


MSI, founded over twenty (20) years ago, consistently responds to the requirements of the market. MSI recognizes in this challenging economic atmosphere immediate funding is often necessary to the very viability of a business. Merchants will benefit substantially from increased cash flow and from accelerated account reconciliations.


“I am thrilled with real revenue in my account. My business is sporadic and payment is almost entirely made by credit cards,” relates the sole proprietor of a Day-Spa in Arizona.


“When business decreases, I am completely dependent on the day’s receipts to meet expenses. Over-night funding answers my dilemma. “


“Truly, MSI delivers! The funds are always there!” this owner gleefully concludes.


MSI invites all merchants to avail themselves to the immediate availability of their revenue.


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